Chrysalis offers a full range of archaeological services, including all phases of regulatory required work: assessment, survey, excavation and forensic services

Mapping archaeological features in the field.
Mapping archaeological features in the field.
Cultural Resource Management (CRM) takes many forms, requiring a range of research services to investigate a property or region's historic character and recommend preservation techniques. Government agencies review findings and recommendations based on their conformation to local, state, and federal law guiding historic preservation (e.g. Section 106). Each project presents unique challenges, and Chrysalis develops its research plans tailored to each client's specific needs.

The research process for historic properties usually conforms to a general framework of investigation phases, beginning with a Phase IA documentary study and surface assessment, and potentially ending with a full Phase III mitigation. Not every project requires that all phases of the CRM process be undertaken.

The following link contains a general guide for understanding the basic phases of the Cultural Resource Management process.

Chrysalis Archaeology - CRM-101